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Dell Vex Robotics 015

Dell Vex Robotics 015

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Jack McCarthy age 11 of Pallaskenry NS is pictured at the Dell Vex Robotics Semi-Finals which was hosted today by Dell, with the support of Mary Immaculate College, at the Dell EMC Limerick Campus. Pic. Brian Arthur
Today at the semi-final event 600 primary school students competed against each other representing schools from Limerick, Cork, Tipperary and Waterford, presenting their projects to the judges and competing in a teamwork challenge. 8 primary school teams were successful today in securing a place in the finals of the Dell Vex Robotics Challenge which was supported this year by Mary Immaculate College. The finals of the Primary School competition will take place on March 1st at Cork Institute of Technology. For further information log onto
Pic. Brian Arthur